Egg Biryani Dum Lucknow 100 percent Authentic Taste लखनऊ अवधी अंडा बिरयानी घर पर बनायें

 Egg Biryani Dum Lucknow  100 percent Authentic Taste  लखनऊ अवधी अंडा बिरयानी घर पर बनायें

While the Most popular Biryani recipe is chicken Biryani or Mutton Biryani, For Vegetarians there is always Veg Biryani. However, those who eat Egg, egg biryani are a very good option. Now there is also a debate between Hydrabadi biryani from paradise or Lucknow avadh biryani. Dum Biryani is certainly one of the best ways of cooking Biryani. In this video we will reveal some of the most secret ingredients of Lucknow dum biryani recipe. Now make the same Great Biryani at home.

Click here to Subscribe: Full recipe in English: Serve: 3 Preparation Time: 30 Minutes Cooking Time: 35 Minutes Ingredients: Rice: 300 Gms Egg: 4 Boiled Onion: 2 Big Sliced Onion: 1 Medium Size Paste Garlic: 12 cloves Ginger: 3 Inch Bay Leaf/ Tejpat: 2 Cinamon Stick: 1 inch Green Cardamom: 8 Black Cardamom 6 Cloves: 6 Cumin/jeera: Half tsp Coriander seeds: 2 tsp crushed Red Chilli Powder: One tsp (As per your taste) Turmeric powder: ¼ tsp Salt one and half tsp (As per your taste) Curd: 3 tsp Kewra water: 2tsp Milk: Half cup Ghee: 2 tbsp Oil: 4 tbsp Orange color: 2 drops, mix with two tps water Mint powder: half tsp Water: one ltr Steps: Soak rice in water for half an hour. Take a heavy bottom pot and add one-liter water and rice. Add Tejpat/bay leaf, green cardamom, black cardamom, cinamon stick, cloves and salt. Boil the rice for 5-7 minutes. Once boiled strain the water and keep aside. Cut boiled eggs in half and heat a pan, add 4 tbsp oil and shallow fry the eggs on both sides. Use the same pan. Add bay leaf, cloves, green cardamom, black cardamom, crushed coriander seeds, cumin, and fry a bit. Add sliced onion, fry till onion turned golden brown. Add ginger-garlic paste and Onion paste. Add red chili powder, Haldi, Curd, and Salt. Add ¼ cup of water for form a thick gravy and keep aside. If you like this recipe do subscribe Asha And Anita CHannel on YouTube. Heat heavy bottom pot and drop one tbsp gravy spread evenly and add a portion of rice over it. Repeat the process, avoid using a spatula. Add 3-4 eggs. Add one tsp kewra water, repeat the layering process. At this stage add milk and ghee. Again, one more tsp of kewra water. Add orange food color (two drops mixed with two tsp of water. Drop a little bit of color at a small distance. Place all remain eggs on top of rice. Sprinkle dry mint powder and cover the lid. Put some heavy items on the lid to avoid vapors from leaving the pot. Cook it on low flame for five minutes. Turn off the gas open the lid at least after 20 minutes. Server hot with raita Link To Our Website: Like us on Facebook @ Follow me on Twitter @ Follow me on Instagram @ YouTube Subscription link:
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